Current Grants

FWF Stand-Alone Grant

miRNA:  RNA interactions at the level of a single target gene


ERC Advanced Grant

POLICE - The PIDDosome in Centrosome and Ploidy-Surveillance


FWF Stand-Alone Grant

DGCR8`s N-terminus in guiding miRNA biogenesis


FWF Stand-Alone Grant within a Joint Project of Austria, Switzerland and Germany (DACH)

New insights into the Bcl-2 family: From biophysics to function


FWF Stand-Alone Grant

Cell death control on extended mitotic arrest


FWF Stand-Alone Grant

Identification of PIDDosome activators as anti-cancer drug candidates


Austrian Cancer Society

The PIDDosome in promoting p53-induced tumor suppression


ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences) PhD DOC fellowship to Felix Eichin